Violent Hispanic Gang In Canada


Some of Canada‘s 100-plus identified street gangs have worked their way into the public realm through high-profile arrests, or their own bloody acts of aggression, such as Toronto’s [usually BLACK] Galloway Boys, Malvern Crew, Ardwick Blood Crew and the Jamestown Crips.

Gang signs

City of Toronto’s ridiculous slogan – “Diversity is our Strength“. The ugly reality behind the MYTH…HERE.

Perhaps the most alarming of all, however, is the growing presence of the ‘Mara Salvatrucha,’ a gang whose parent group in the United States was recently labeled by Newsweek magazine as “the most dangerous gang in North America.”

Better known as the MS-13, the gang was originally formed in Los Angeles by young men fleeing civil strife in El Salvador.
While it was once exclusively Salvadoran in membership, MS-13 is now believed to have over 100,000 members of all nationalities worldwide, engaged in activities that include drug and human trafficking, illegal arms sales, murder-for-hire, and even assaults on law enforcement officials.

NOT a gangster – Northern Winter Apparel (-40F degrees)

And after years of growth, beyond the borders of its Los Angeles and Central American origins, the gang is now active in 33 U.S. states, several European nations — and Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and to a lesser extent, Edmonton and Calgary.

Snow-bound Canada

Local Canadian police agencies are now fearing a surge in violence as MS-13 — a gang known for beheading its victims — starts clashing with rival street gangs.

Det. Const. Russ Wardrop, with the Vancouver Police Department‘s criminal intelligence branch, is particularly troubled by the pattern of violence that has followed the gang in other parts of North America.
Wes McBride of the California Gang Investigators Association says he is not surprised to hear the gang had infiltrated Canada.
MS-13 members are easily recognized by police because most are heavily tattooed on their upper bodies, including the arms and face, with MS-13 lettering done in Gothic style. A shaved head with a goatee beard is also popular..>Source

Members of the Mara Salvatrucha are known to tattoo the name of the gang on their bodies, as shown by this unidentified member in Honduras. MS-13 in Sunny Los Angeles

ALSO: GANG Member Seeks Refuge In Canada

Just what 3rd world diseases and dubious character references do some possess?? View this 7 minute video below.



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