Main-Stream-Media Hypocrisy



The Toronto Star [newspaper] is so politically correct that it refuses to publish the race of suspects being sought by police; yet, it feels free to use the demeaning expression “white bread.” I dislike this phrase because it implies there’s something wrong with being white. When a neighbourhood is dominated by one or more racial minorities, it is often described as “vibrant” and “colourful” even if it is full of poverty, crime and other social pathologies, but communities that are white, orderly and prosperous are inevitably dismissed as ‘boring’ and ‘bland.’ The old, white Toronto might have been safe and clean, but it suffered from the sin of being boring. It’s so much better to live in a vibrant, multicultural city even if that means gangs, beggars and streets covered in garbage.

Another thing. Why does the Star think race matters at all? I thought race didn’t exist. If I as a white citizen object to my racial group becoming a minority in Canada, I’m called a racist, but apparently it is acceptable for non-whites to be concerned about the place of their groups in society. The media, corporate and political gatekeepers who control public discourse have decided it’s illegitimate for whites to defend their collective interests but perfectly acceptable for non-whites to pursue their group interests in the political arena. I don’t believe it’s possible to create a colour-blind society in which race doesn’t matter, but I could perhaps respect people who argued consistently that everyone without exception should ignore race. However, I dislike people who say it’s racist for whites to have collective interests but quite OK for every other group to have them.

There are obvious contradictions in much of what the media says about race. One minute they tell us race doesn’t exist; the next minute they say it’s vitally important that racial minorities be adequately represented on city council. If race doesn’t exist, what difference does it make if most city councillors have white skin? If skin-colour is no more significant than eye- or hair-colour, why can’t light-skinned homo-sapiens represent dark-skinned homo-sapiens? After all, I have never heard brown-haired voters complain that our mayor is blond. Of course, the whiteness studies people try to explain away this contradiction, but I don’t think they succeed.

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