Canada Recruits British Police Officers

By Sarah Chapman, Calgary Herald

Ten years and 6488 km (4030 miles) later, two Scottish police officers who trained together in Glasgow once again found themselves in the same recruit class — this time, with the CALGARY POLICE SERVICE.


Mark Dickson, 34, left, and John Ross, 32, trained together 10 years ago to become police officers in Scotland. Now they're doing it all over in Calgary. Mark Dickson (34 yrs.) left, and John Ross (32 yrs.) from Scotland and are now policemen in Calgary (Canada). Photo: Ted Jacob, Calgary Herald
The two met again at an immigration seminar about a year and a half ago. They both talked about moving to Canada, but neither had decided which police service they would join. In a serendipitous turn, they both applied to the Calgary Police Service, moved to Cochrane, Alberta (Population Demographics) with their young families and even found themselves in the same recruit class once more.[…]

Calgary Police Assisting Motorist

[Annual BASE PAY (pg. 31) $83,315 for 5th-year CONSTABLE      — EQUIVALENT to £55,600 (GBP)

EXCEEDS Chief Inspector’s Salary? (U.K.) May 13, 2010]


(Compare South Australia Police Salary)
Compare U.K. Police Salary

London Bobby’s Story

[UPDATE: CALGARY Police are now ONLY accepting CVs and resumes (not applications) from INTERNATIONAL applicants for future consideration.
No restrictions on Canadian or PR applicants.

BRITS interested in pursuing a Canadian police career may apply for PR (Permanent Residency) through the London Office at:

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Ross and Dickson are two of more than 100 experienced officers who have been lured from their jobs in the U.K. by Calgary’s department in a desperate attempt to bolster the local ranks. Ross, 32, heard about the Calgary Police service in Glasgow during a recruitment drive and attended an information session the department held there. “I was obviously impressed,” he says.


Dickson believes that police services back home are starting to catch on. “I think they’re more and more aware that they are becoming a marketplace,” he said. “They are losing a lot of people to Canada and I think they’re very aware that they are up against the job market and people looking at police forces will look to other countries.”

Calgary’s place in the international bidding war for experienced officers is strengthened by the police service’s partnership with the ALBERTA government. The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) fast-tracks visas for applicants once they are deemed to be suitable recruits. While a visa would normally take up to five years to obtain… [U.K.] police recruits can receive their visa in about six months.

Constables Stewart O’Neill and Denise McPhee (Calgary Police) spent three weeks in London [England] and Glasgow [Scotland] last year to advertise for the Calgary Police Service and host a booth at an immigration show. They spoke to more than 500 people at the Canadian High Commission in London and held four information sessions with 50 potential recruits at each.

Written tests — a requirement for applicants — were conducted for 186 Brits. “We’ve hired 59 contracts under the provincial nominee program,” said O’Neill, adding another 46 U.K. officers have been hired after previously obtaining their visas. Nearly all of those recruits are experienced officers.

O’Neill himself was lured to Calgary’s police service from London. He was an officer when his wife qualified for a visa and the family started looking into suitable Canadian cities. It was a choice between Halifax, Vancouver or Calgary.

In 2002, the family came to Calgary to explore the city.

Calgary was heavily promoted in the U.K.,” he said. “We liked the location and economically, it was good for us. Coming here seemed the right thing.” Other factors also influenced O’Neill in his decision: a lower crime rate, a higher standard of living, minimal traffic and opportunities for his children to participate in sports.

The biggest consideration was the well-being of his family, which is likely the motivating factor for other U.K. recruits… according to O’Neill. >Source


POLICE EXPAT Disussion Forum

[UPDATE: EDMONTON (Alberta) POLICE  have cancelled the fast-tracked program for INTERNATIONAL applicants effective February, 2010. ONLY Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents may now apply. However, the EPS will accept international resumes (with supporting documents) and kept for future consideration. ]

The cities of Edmonton, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta were the only two police agencies known to assist with obtaining your PR in Canada)

Edmonton Police SALARY (2012 Base)





1st Year Constable $59 124 $2 265 $28.31
2nd Year Constable $62 654 $2 401 $30.01
3rd Year Constable $73 243 $2 806 $35.08
4th Year Constable $80 303 $3 077 $38.46
5th Year Constable $88 245 $3 381 $42.26
Sr. Constable, Level I
(8 Years Complete)
$94 422 $3 618 $45.23
Sr. Constable, Level II
(11 Years Complete)
$96 187 $3 685 $46.06
Sergeant/Detective $105 894 $4 057 $50.71
Staff Sergeant $116 483 $4 463 $55.79

[CURRENCY CALCULATOR – Foreign Exchange rates]

[CURRENCY CALCULATOR – Exchange rates]



ONTARIO Provincial Police >O.P.P. RECRUITMENT<

Check out the (O.P.P) Ontario Provincial Police and Toronto Police, although no assistance in obtaining permanent residency (PR) is offered by the province of OntarioU.K. applicants must now have Permanent Residency BEFORE acceptance into most Canadian police services.   


U.K. OFFICE — Province of ALBERTA

Province of ALBERTA JOBS


Sheriffs (Alberta province) RECRUITMENT

Vancouver Police RECRUITMENT

Victoria Police (British Columbia) RECRUITMENT

Vancouver Transit Police RECRUITMENT

Saint John Police (New Brunswick) RECRUITMENT

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READ His Story:

Lewis Hastie

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Happiest City In Canada

Saint John (Province of New Brunswick) is the happiest city in Canada

(Editor’s Note: The writers of this report are much too squeamish to point out the major reason for Saint John’s high ‘wellness’ factor. The “elephant” sitting squarely in the room points directly to its 97% homogeneous WHITE population!!  Racial diversity would eventually destroy that peaceful co-existence among all these Canadian cities listed below. Read an opinion piece about this phenomena HERE……and also check where America’s happiest town is located, and for the same reasons! To further your education in racial matters, click “A Racial Program For The 20th Century”]  

The New Brunswick city was one of several Atlantic Canadian centres to score well in a satisfaction study conducted by the University of British Columbia.

Sponsored by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, the findings were based on survey data provided by Statistics Canada.

John Helliwell, an economics professor at UBC (University of British Columbia), examined close to 100,000 responses to Stats Canada’s ethnic diversity [not racial diversity] survey of 2002 and its general social survey of 2003.

The magic is to find out, not only how happy people are with their lives, but to situate them in communities (and) explain why people who are happy… are happy,” Helliwell said.

Saint John, New Brunswick led the pack with a life satisfaction score of 8.6 out of 10, which Helliwell said makes it among the happiest cities not only in Canada… but the world.

“That’s pretty high,” he said. “Denmark is the highest country and runs about 8.1 or 8.2.

Saint John, N.B. is operating in pretty rarified territory…so something’s going well.”

Quebec City placed 2nd.     [97.7% White!]

Charlottetown (Province of Prince Edward Island) was 3rd.   [97.8 White!]

Moncton (Province of New Brunswick >More) [98% White!]

Kitchener (Province of Ontario) [86.3% White!] tied for 4th.

St. John’s (Province of Newfoundland) was 6th. [98% White!]

Rounding out the Top 10, in order, were Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and Halifax [92.5% White!].

Helliwell said it’s no coincidence that smaller communities scored higher than bigger ones. He said trusting others is important and those kind of connections are easier to make in smaller cities. >Source


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Non-Existent Oppositon To Immigration

By Elizabeth Wright

[Another “timeless” article on this important topic]

WHAT must you not speak? Any expressions of opposition to immigration policies, of course. And that proscription applies to any citizen living in the Western world. The influential Sierra Club used to talk about it a lot, but no more. Not too long ago, this organization sensibly warned about the inevitable negative consequences that would come from “rapid national population growth.” But, these days, the group toes the politically correct line on the subject, and keeps silent about the almost 80 million people who have been added to the United States population in the last 30 years.

Club members no longer express concern over the effects of population “sprawl,” whereby more and more rural land in the U.S. is being converted to suburban and urban use. On the contrary, many Sierra Club members spend time worrying over the plight of land in other countries. A Club director recently expressed his sorrow over the fact that civil wars in Indonesia have caused over 100,000 people to flee into the jungles (”rain forests”), where they have promptly destroyed the natural environment. He lamented that those 100,000 were not relocated to the United States, which would have prevented the spoilage of all that Indonesian land.

One is tempted to ask, Why stop at Indonesia? Whenever we learn of strife and warfare on other continents, why not offer to open up our borders to half of Africa and India too? And isn’t everyone expecting a mess to break loose in China? Look at all the “rain forests” we could protect around the globe, if the U.S. would unselfishly remove any and all few remaining restrictions on immigration.

On that same note, the President of Bangladesh has the right idea. By the year 2050, Bangladesh is expected to have a population of 240 million, which is double today’s population. Recently, when President Sheika Hasina was asked how Bangladesh plans to “feed, educate, employ and house” all these people, she laughingly responded, “We’ll send them to America.” She went on to claim that “Globalization will take the problem away,” since there’s “free movement, country to country.” She talked of a world “without boundaries,” where countries with big populations could send its people to countries with small populations. She never did indicate just what positive steps Bangladesh, as a nation, would take to improve the lot of its people, besides shipping them off to all those countries “without boundaries.”


The most potent weapon used against those who advocate reform of immigration laws is the old, reliable “racist” tag, with “xenophobe” often thrown in for good measure. In order to keep up the fiction that only disgruntled whites are against current policies, almost no public attention is given to those American blacks who are part of the movement to limit legal and illegal immigration. Yet organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers, the Northern California Council of Black Professional Engineers, the National Action Council of Minorities in Engineering, the Human Resources Network of Black Professionals, and others, have vociferously challenged the H-1B visa programs and current immigration policies in general.


What happens when you don’t stay shushed and insist on speaking out against the obvious suicidal tendencies of the Western world? You get kicked, good and solid. England’s Conservative party member, John Townend, can tell you about it. So can France’s retired actress Brigitte Bardot, as well as many others who try, in various ways, to awaken their countries’ citizens to the coming calamity called open borders.

When John Townend made his first open attack on multiculturalism, his party’s leader, William Hague, scolded him for impertinence and insisted that Townend’s comments were “totally unacceptable.” Using unimpeachable statistics on crime, Townend openly blamed immigrants for the rising levels of crime in England and for “seriously undermining” Britain’s homogeneous Anglo-Saxon society. He soon learned that concern for ethnic unity and solidarity is the preserve only of the colored races. Whites are punished for any expressed desire to cleave unto their own, and Townend discovered that he had broken a steadfast taboo.

The Conservative party’s opposition had a field day, as one politician after another grabbed the spotlight to grandstand and rail on about the glorious benefits of a multi-cult society. Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke of support for immigration as the “morally right” position to take. A couple of weeks prior, Blair and all the main party leaders had signed a compact promising not to allow any of their candidates to issue campaign material “likely to generate hostility or division between people of different racial, national or religious groups.” In other words, a public policy issue as important as immigration was not to be discussed at all.

When John Townend broke the silence (he was not a current candidate for office), a Cabinet minister expressed the fear that Townend’s remarks could give the green light to others “to make speeches of this nature.” So, Townend’s party colleagues, in an attempt to get tougher with him, threatened to expel him from the Conservative party. A party official is quoted in London’s Daily Telegraph as saying, “He was told in the simplest terms: be quiet or else.”


On another front, Swaminathan Aiyar, after dismissing the notion of an Indian takeover of the sub-continent, candidly writes, in the Times of India:Forget about an aggressive takeover of the sub-continent, we should aim for a friendly takeover of the whole world, starting with the USA. Actually, takeover is the wrong word. More correctly, we must aim at a global inter-mingling where our sheer numbers matter. The world has six billion people, of whom one billion are Indians. Since population growth has slowed or halted in China and large parts of the West, by the year 2050, one in five human beings will be an Indian. So, if globalisation facilitates the free movement of people, Indians should in due course account for a substantial chunk of the population in all countries that are desirable destinations for migrants.”

Even the boldest proclamations issuing from those who celebrate the inevitable transformations yet to come of this country’s social and political institutions do nothing to bestir a sleeping citizenry that is bent on “making nice” and staying out of politically incorrect trouble. But a day of reckoning will bring with it an understanding of the profound changes to the way of life that we now take for granted, when the race/culture shift is complete.

Columnist Sam Francis sums it up best: “There was an ethnic and cultural homogeneity to the American people that made their nation cohere and their creed and their peculiar form of government work at all. The Founders had no problem whatsoever in understanding and recognizing that America does indeed have a specific ethnic and cultural foundation and that when that foundation vanishes, the American republic disappears with it. . . . It’s hardly an accident that as ethnic and racial diversity has flourished, the limited republican government the Founders created from their own British heritage has begun to wither.” Full Article HERE


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Violent Hispanic Gang In Canada


Some of Canada‘s 100-plus identified street gangs have worked their way into the public realm through high-profile arrests, or their own bloody acts of aggression, such as Toronto’s [usually BLACK] Galloway Boys, Malvern Crew, Ardwick Blood Crew and the Jamestown Crips.

Gang signs

City of Toronto’s ridiculous slogan – “Diversity is our Strength“. The ugly reality behind the MYTH…HERE.

Perhaps the most alarming of all, however, is the growing presence of the ‘Mara Salvatrucha,’ a gang whose parent group in the United States was recently labeled by Newsweek magazine as “the most dangerous gang in North America.”

Better known as the MS-13, the gang was originally formed in Los Angeles by young men fleeing civil strife in El Salvador.
While it was once exclusively Salvadoran in membership, MS-13 is now believed to have over 100,000 members of all nationalities worldwide, engaged in activities that include drug and human trafficking, illegal arms sales, murder-for-hire, and even assaults on law enforcement officials.

NOT a gangster – Northern Winter Apparel (-40F degrees)

And after years of growth, beyond the borders of its Los Angeles and Central American origins, the gang is now active in 33 U.S. states, several European nations — and Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and to a lesser extent, Edmonton and Calgary.

Snow-bound Canada

Local Canadian police agencies are now fearing a surge in violence as MS-13 — a gang known for beheading its victims — starts clashing with rival street gangs.

Det. Const. Russ Wardrop, with the Vancouver Police Department‘s criminal intelligence branch, is particularly troubled by the pattern of violence that has followed the gang in other parts of North America.
Wes McBride of the California Gang Investigators Association says he is not surprised to hear the gang had infiltrated Canada.
MS-13 members are easily recognized by police because most are heavily tattooed on their upper bodies, including the arms and face, with MS-13 lettering done in Gothic style. A shaved head with a goatee beard is also popular..>Source

Members of the Mara Salvatrucha are known to tattoo the name of the gang on their bodies, as shown by this unidentified member in Honduras. MS-13 in Sunny Los Angeles

ALSO: GANG Member Seeks Refuge In Canada

Just what 3rd world diseases and dubious character references do some possess?? View this 7 minute video below.



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The Myth of Labour Shortages

The Great Immigration Myth

By Anthony Milne

Politics in Britain is now only about self-destruction and kleptocracy, African style. In other words, it is ruined by half-educated gits who think that this country belongs to them to give it away to foreigners without any economic, cultural or social benefit whatsoever accruing in return.

After decades during which successive governments have promised, year by year, that they would curb immigration; after years of ‘anti-immigration’ laws, from the 1990s onwards a new despicable crew have taken over this country, and have an entirely different view of what Britain is and should be, a view that says that “we ‘need’ 150,000 immigrants a year.” This is a straightforward lie. It is propaganda for ulterior motives – to create a mixed-race society for its own sake. What other reason could there be? Could it be that immigration, now running at 190,000 a year, is out of control, so that they are trying to make a virtue out of a vice?

Britain is now one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Just a few examples: Zambia has 11 people per square kilometre, Brazil 18 and Syria 67. And Great Britain? 235 people per sq km! But that’s only the half of it. If one takes England alone, this brings the population density up to 383 people per sq km! England is more overcrowded even than other European countries. Germany, for example has 227 people per sq km, France 105 per sq km and the US 29 per sq km. So England is twice as crowded as Germany, four times as crowded as France and about 12 times as crowded as the United States.

The argument runs that Britain has an ageing population, with a below-replacement level of fertility. Thus we need more immigrants who can continue to create the wealth that the elderly will ultimately have to depend on for their pensions and healthcare needs. It is suggested that there is a shortage of workers in nursing, catering, tourism and the like.

But one major reason for this is low wages, not a shortage of people. The hospitality industry can make an attractive career for many. The glaring paradox is that high levels of immigration itself depress wages further, thus exacerbating the problem of ‘labour shortages’ that encourages unscrupulous firms to employ yet more (often illegal) immigrants.

If companies find they cannot compete in the labour supply market except by paying sweatshop wages, then they should simply not be allowed to trade. The salaries of public workers in hospital and nursing homes could be dramatically raised through the extra billions that could be clawed back annually from the EU.

The pro-immigration argument is deeply flawed in other ways. A ‘labour shortage’ implies that single young workers should come to Britain as ‘guest-workers’. But what actually happens is that a nurse from Nigeria, for example, will be entitled to bring her young family with her… or to marry here. Ultimately, she herself, and her family, will need not only health care but also housing, education and a state pension. Hence immigration is a form of consumption rather than production. More immigrants will be needed to service the requirements of the enlarged population, itself increasingly made up of people of immigrant origin.

Indeed, ‘replacement immigration’ studies have yielded some alarming figures. A government actuary, Chris Shaw, has argued that in order to maintain a support ratio of the equivalent of a fertility rate of just 3.23 children per woman by 2050 (to help overhaul the decline in present fertility levels) the UK would need a million immigrants a year!

Revolutionary change

On the other hand, Dr David Coleman, reader in demography at Oxford University, points out that any population permanently needing immigrants would ultimately become all immigrants! He reminds us that if immigration were entirely open-ended (as it is at present, since no upper limit has been declared by the politicians) “it would bring about a revolutionary change to the racial make-up of Britain.”

Coleman has written that: “The net immigration required to preserve the support ratio increases unevenly to reach nearly six million per year in 2100.” By that time, he suggests, Britain’s population size, working on these ‘requirement’ assumptions, would reach some 303 million! Even in the near future, Britain would need another 11,300,000 million new houses if the present level of immigration is allowed to continue. Dr. Coleman is one of the very few courageous men in prominent and influential positions in this country. He is an academic, and has to be taken seriously. But he is a virtual one-man band, expert in his knowledge of demographics, attending conferences and presenting immigration figures that cannot be disproved or dismissed. And he is bravely prepared – unlike his colleagues – to point out the racial consequences of continued immigration, which is almost entirely from third world countries.

What is so shameful about British politicians is that they purposely and single-mindedly aim to destroy all political opposition to their immigration policies. The BNP is simply regarded as a ‘racist’ party, which is demonised and slandered at every opportunity. But the same kind of attacks are made on any other group or organisation that has any kind of nationalist fringe to it, and this includes any pro-countryside or so-called ‘Little Englander’ movements.

Even the UK Independence Party has to be extremely careful about what it says about immigration – to the extent that it doesn’t even mention it! So what’s the point of complaining about “how national identity being taken away” if the black immigrants are doing it right under our noses and there is damn-all the UKIP is prepared do about it. Anyone who takes all the trouble to get into opposition politics, and talks about our ‘identity’ without mentioning immigration and race, is just wasting his time and making himself look a fool. He will be tolerated only because he talks about anything except immigration and race. The so-called Celtic ‘nationalist’ parties wouldn’t survive for one minute if they dared to be genuine nationalist parties, and said things like “Wales for the Welsh” or “Scotland for the Scots.” They would he destroyed.

Pressure groups useless

This is why new anti-immigration pressure groups, which think they know how the system works and are trying to exploit loopholes, are similarly doomed. Some go to great lengths to prove that they are not ‘movements’ or ‘parties’. Sir Andrew Green, for instance, is a former diplomat and is trying to raise serious awareness about the harm of continued immigration through his Migration Watch UK group, which operates only through the Internet and has recruited experts like Dr. Coleman to give advice. The tragedy is that Sir Andrew thinks he is shrewd and “knows the score.” True, he has tried to make sure that no one can accuse his pressure group of being a ‘racist’ organisation. “We have avoided becoming a movement,” he says, “because it could get taken over by unwelcome elements, and we have no links with political parties.”

Well, good luck to him! But he talks as if people don’t know the facts, even though they say ‘No’ time and time again to more immigration in every single opinion poll that reports them.

People who still believe this country is a ‘democracy’ are more than plain naive; they are stupid. If immigration hasn’t stopped now, and is actually getting worse, and people time and time again say they want it stopped, then what is the point of coming out with fey, bushy-tailed remarks like those of Sir Andrew? Just listen to his breathtaking, and rather touching, confidence : “If once people are aware of the facts, and they give their assent to large-scale immigration, then that is the right result of the democratic process.”

Of course it is. That is why it won’t happen.


Britain’s Immigration Fiasco

Vanishing England

The Great Escape From Britain

Canadian Immigration Reform BLOG

The Centre Block on Parliament Hill, containin...
Parliament Hill, OTTAWA

OTTAWA – “One-in-five people in Canada is foreign-born according to census numbers released Tuesday, an immigration surge unprecedented in a quarter-of-a-century and one that comes as the country grapples with acts of overt racism that fly in the face of Canada’s reputation for tolerance.”

The “overt racism” mentioned here, whatever is meant by that, is an over statement. Canadians are continuously insulted with accusations of racism no matter what it is we do.

But any kind of racism in Canada shouldn’t be surprising when we have an immigration policy more akin to government complicity in the colonization of its own citizens by foreign nations.

Denied any avenue of protest, be it in the media of government, then acts of “overt racism” should be expected as citizens take their anger and frustrations out on immigrants, when those most deserving of scorn, are the nation’s politicians, our moral superiors in the media, and those in the immigration industry whose livelihood is dependent on the legal trafficking of people and the sale of Canadian citizenship at rock bottom prices.

The only recourse available to many Canadians to escape the multicultural madness that is Toronto… is to move away. That’s why many immigrants may get the cold shoulder treatment and the cut-eye when outside of Toronto.

It’s not that Canadians have anything against the immigrant but they have a problem with what that immigrant represents: neo-colonialism or reverse colonialism.

They do not want the town where they now reside to endure what has happened to Toronto. That’s why they left Toronto in the first place.

They want to live in Canada…not some “multicultural wonderland”, so they may try to make the immigrant feel unwelcome and out of place and hopefully leave. If Canadians wanted to live in India they’d move to Mumbai.

While “neo-racism” that infects society through subtle, systemic practices has largely been the focus of anti-racism crusaders, recent reports of assaults against Asian fisherman in Ontario and open anti-Muslim sentiment in Quebec have become the subject of inquiries and commissions.

What this writer calls “neo-racism”, and trying to make himself look smart in the process, is actually a backlash that immigration and multiculturalism fosters. And the subtle racism that he talks about is quite prevalent in immigrant communities expressed towards those of the host population and other immigrants as well.

Canada garners kudos from around the world for laws promising equality for all, but experts say the true test of a tolerant nation is in day-to-day living.

The fact that he wrote that exposes the bias of the writer and the kind of article you’re reading. Any article that says things to the effect that “Canada is a model to the world, we set than standard by which others pass or fail, and all the eyes of the world are on us” …should be taken with a grain of salt and should be considered propaganda, not news.

Canada garnering “kudos from around the world” is what journalists, politicians and immigrant groups who want to keep Canadian attitudes soft, regarding the colonization of their country, would generally say. There is nothing to really prove that “Canada garners kudos from around the world”.

To think that policy makers and national populations the world over think of Canada when discussing domestic policy… is narcissistic and self-congratulating. Canadians need to understand that…. NO ONE THINKS OF CANADA AS MUCH AS WE TELL OURSELVES THAT THEY DO.

How often do you think of Chad let alone know where that country is? How about New Zealand or Chile? The truth of the matter is, that we don’t think of those countries often if at all. Should we expect to believe that the good people of New Zealand stop and ask themselves “how do they do things in Canada?” …..If you do…. I bet you also read the Toronto Star.

Global Population Growth is Driven By Developing Countries.

Source: United Nations, World Population Prospects: The 2006 Revision (2007).

If you think that the plane loads of (LEGAL) immigrants (5000 foreign arrivals EVERY week!) who chose Canada, is evidence that Canada is doing something right, then you should understand something (else):

 Canadian citizenship is one of the best deals in town. It is one of the easiest to obtain in the industrialized world with some of the fewest strings attached and it allows access to one of the most generous social programs in the world. It’s a bargain and it says a lot about the immigrants this country receives. So what kind of immigrants are coming here let alone say about Canada?

Here is something to ponder: If Canada has to continuously cheapen its citizenship requirements to attract immigrants, then the vast majority of immigrants will come from the third world …and what’s worse, living in Somalia or enduring six months of a Canadian winter? Canada also recognizes dual citizenship so it’s not like you’ve totally left your country is it? >>READ MORE     Canadian Immigration Reform


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War Against Christmas

By Peter Brimelow


As I relate every year, the War Against Christmas (in the form of a leaked memo from the Clinton Administration’s HUD) was almost the first thing that VDARE.COM covered when it went live in 1999. Our annual competitions now provide the best compendium of anti-Christmas atrocities on the web.

It’s fun, but it’s also serious: the people who want to abolish Christmas also want to abolish America.

In 2005, the War Against Christmas went mainstream. Several organizations, and famous television personalities, took up the cause. It was great! And it definitely got the Christophobes worried.

In 2006, however, we observed a different pattern. As our blogger Patrick Cleburne showed, the Mainstream Media suddenly began to parrot with eerie unanimity the line that there was no War Against Christmas. According to one count this time last year, there were 106 major newspaper articles denying the War Against Christmas articles and only 18 acknowledging it—a five to one ratio of War Against Christmas denial.

At the same time, the Mainstream Media was quite obviously simply suppressing news of new anti-Christmas atrocities. For example, the peculiar episode where a California high school choir was ordered to stop singing carols at a Christmas show for fear of offending Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen (who said she wasn’t offended) took days to make it into the national media, and then only in a minor way.

This is what I mean by changing the debate—and keeping on changing it. Obviously, the Christophobes are on the run. They are, quite rightly, shaken by the American backlash when anti-Christmas atrocities do get national attention—as in 2006, for example, when Christmas trees were removed from Seattle airport, which through the miracle of the internet, VDARE.COM was able to report within a couple of hours. They are putting out a smokescreen of War Against Christmas denial to cover their withdrawal while attempting to salvage their cultural power by ridiculing those who dare draw attention to it.

And it works.

Will the TV Christmas crusaders be so vocal this year? Have they even noticed what is going on?

But VDARE.COM has noticed. And we will keep up the pressure, whether resistance to the War Against Christmas is fashionable or not, whether we are ridiculed or not, until America’s Christmas is restored.

I keep a file of Christmas atrocities that readers send as the season approaches. Here are a few:

bullet Seattle’s indefatigable airport bureaucrats (who are these guys?) have unveiled a 2007 “winter display” without Christmas trees. So much for the claim that there’s no War Against Christmas

bullet But Berkley, MI, has been compelled by a citizen initiative to restore its decades-old Nativity display.

bullet And Missouri State University has restored a Christmas tree, removed after a faculty member had complained. The spineless college bureaucrats are adding a menorah and a display case full of other “holiday traditions”—but the Christmas tree is back.

The War Against Christmas is now being denied by its partisans—and even driven back—for exactly the same reason that the Kennedy-Bush illegal alien amnesty was claimed by its partisans not to be an amnesty, and was eventually defeated.

That reason: ordinary Americans, with no leadership from above, spontaneously rose up and organized themselves against it. >>More HERE

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