Affirmative-Action Police

Police ALSO Looting Wal-Mart Store

By Walter Williams

Police departments must use race and sex preferences in hiring as a result of [U.S.] federal court consent decrees and political pressures. To meet these demands, many police departments have lowered, and in some cases eliminated, established standards for personal character and intellectual and physical capacity.

Jan Golab writes about this in “How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD” in the May 2005 issue of The American Enterprise. While most of Mr. Golab’s article chronicles how Los Angeles damaged its police force in its quest for “diversity,” where it’s had to fire 100 police officers, identical damage has occurred in other cities. Washington, D.C., had to indict or fire 250 cops; New Orleans indicted more than 100 [officers]. In these cities, policemen have been charged with crimes ranging from murder and rape to robbing drug dealers and selling confiscated drugs.

Most policemen are honest, dedicated and hard-working people who put their lives on the line to protect us against criminals. A few, Mr. Golab reports, are no less than criminals themselves. In 1997, L.A. policeman David Mack was arrested for the armed robbery of a Bank of America branch in which he heisted $772,000. In the late 1990s, as many as 25 L.A. policemen were believed to have direct gang ties. A significant number of L.A. policemen had off-duty jobs providing security for hoodlums in the rap music industry deeply involved in drugs and gang violence. At least one policeman was arrested as a guard at a cocaine house.

In the wake of L.A.’s Rampart Division scandal, where 30 officers were suspended or fired, former LAPD deputy chief Steve Downing said, “Rampart wasn’t about cops who became gangsters. It was about gangsters who became cops.” Downing adds that elected officials refuse to acknowledge the obvious: Institutionalized racial preferences “allowed persons of poor character to be hired.” >more>>

[Here in CANADA, we have been accepting immigrants originating mostly from 3rd world countries for over two decades now. Every year since the late 1980’s, about 250,000 legal immigrants arrive in our country, the vast majority described as “visible minorities“. That translates into an astounding 90% of all new immigrants arriving in Canada year after year……are NON-white!

As a result, Canadian taxpayers are forced to support innumerable non-government organizations (N.G.O.s) catering exclusively to these special interest groups based on [their] race and/or religion.

In addition, by way of employment equity policies (affirmative action), our own Police services are also affected by racial hiring practices designed to reflect members of this massive load of “non-traditional” immigrants. Unlike the United States, and only until very recently, Canada has never had the need to implement such race-based policies….until we began importing vast numbers of non-white people.

Below, are some Canadian police recruiting websites depicting a noticeable absence of young White males in some sites, despite our own White Canadian proportional numbers being about 86% of Canada’s population, according to 2001 Stats Canada. –Editor-]

Ottawa Police –

Peel Regional Police –

Toronto Police

Ontario Provincial Police

(Lead photo – Minorities Front & Centre with White guys in the back)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

“As the National Post reported on June 27, 2005, the so-called shortfall of qualified applicants to the RCMP academy was due to its gender and racial hiring quotas that required Canadian WHITE males to score 20% higher than women…… and 33% HIGHER than visible minorities on aptitude tests!

[Employment-Equity is a blatantly RACIST and unfair quota policy aimed directly at WHITE CANADIANS in their OWN country, and one that rewards recent NON-white immigrants with Canadian jobs. So-called “employment-equity” is nothing more than an ongoing injustice of itself!

White Canadian applicants who are guilty of nothing, are unfairly denied EQUAL opportunity to compete for scarce jobs in a tight labour market. So-called “employment-equity” is simply a racist policy specifically directed against White Canadian Males. (Some White females, too!)

Why aren’t White Canadians screaming racism here?

To assert that employment-equity (affirmative action) LOWERS the overall competency levels of new recruits….is a PROVEN FACT… when MINORITIES are judged NOT capable of achieving IQ test scores equal to their White counterparts!]

Any country which does not protect its majority population through limitations on immigration, invites the contempt of the immigrants who have entered its territory and who have become a majority in a part or the whole of its territory.”]

During the mid-90’s, with unmet racial and female recruitment targets co-existing with a five year BACKLOG of Caucasian male applicants, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had a quiet ‘no white males’ policy.” There’s no fairness in this regressive policy. [Instead the RCMP were placing recruiting advertisements elsewhere, such as HERE]

>more HERE>>


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