North American Union

By Devvy


In July 2005, Phyllis Schlafly exposed the plans to integrate our (U.S.) republic with Canada and Mexico, although there were spotty articles here and there over the years about this treason (list of them at bottom of my column here). Dr. Jerome Corsi has also spent the past couple of years exposing this insidious grand plan to finally do away with our borders all in the name of global trade. This issue is a major battle ground, although tens of millions of Americans have no idea what it’s about thanks to the compromised media and network cable channels. I was in LA last week and driving from my little town in Texas to LA and back, not one single person I queried had ever heard of the NAU/SPP nor did they know anything about it. Not one! This isn’t surprising, especially in the major metropolitan cities like Phoenix and LA because their newspapers are just like the NY Times and other conglomerates: instead of sounding the alarm, they churn out propaganda every day of the week. Cable networks like FAUX (FOX) News spend their time on the trials and tribulations of pop tarts like Lindsay Lohan or promoting the continuation of this immoral, unconstitutional mess in Iraq.

What is the North American Union/ Security and Prosperity Partnership really all about? What is the NAFTA Superhighway, Texas Trans Corridor, Mexican trucks being allowed into the U.S. for the first time beginning 1 September [2007], the Kansas City ‘Smart Port’ and the ‘Ports to Plains Trade Corridor‘ really all about? It’s about trade. It’s about $big money$. It’s about denying a free people our sovereignty, putting us under international laws and rule and destroying true freedom and liberty given to us by blood sacrifice. I ran my ideas by Dr. Edwin Vieira this past weekend and he said to the effect: “Corporations involved are laying down a lot of scratch for concrete and road tar and they expect a return – soon.”

I also brought up to Edwin about the “stop the NAU/SPP” movement. Do people really think construction on the TTC or these superhighways and railways are just going to stop? Already ranchers, farmers and business owners in Texas are being told they will be kicked off their land under eminent domain. Hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake here by foreign corporations and anti-American corporations based here in America who have a “lot of scratch” on the line and they aren’t just going to stop this juggernaut from steam rolling over us. It’s going to be up to we the people and our state legislatures. I have made a personal commitment: I will not under any circumstances use any of these toll roads or super highways. I don’t care if I have to drive 100 miles out of my way, I will not put a penny in their Swiss bank accounts. Let their “super highways” roll Mexican tucks, but they won’t get my dollars. I’ve already sent a short note to our corrupt governor, Rick Perry, telling him just that: Perry and his buddies in Spain who bankrolled the TTC can suck rotten eggs before they will get a nickel of my money. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and I have an abundance of will power.


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