Immigrant Marriages Under False Pretenses

Indian Wedding

There is a desire in a number of immigrants to retain cultural purity. Immigrant parents try to achieve this goal for their children by seeking spouses in the immigrant parent’s country of origin (eg. Indiaeditor). This is a very common practice in Canada and in European immigrant-receiving countries. For the immigrant group, this action often means bringing in people who are unfamiliar with the immigrant-receiving country. As a result, it often results in continued lack of integration with the host population.
Fraud marriage is not an isolated practice. A large number of immigrants enter Canada every year as sponsored spouses. Some of this pactice is legitimate, but the law is abused in two ways: (A) Foreigners pay some Canadians to pretend they are marrying a Canadian. At an appropriate time, the so-called “marriage” ends. (B) Other Canadians genuinely enter a marriage agreement with a foreigner. In these cases, it is the foreigner who has done the pretending. In reality, the foreigner was interested only in obtaining Permanent Resident status. In both (A) and (B) cases, the minute the foreigner sets foot on Canadian soil, the foreigner has Permanent Resident status and is eligible to obtain Canadian citizenship in 3 years. In many cases, foreigners who have come as sponsored spouses literally disappear at the airport and the Canadians are left aghast at how they have been duped. The most galling of all realities is that little, if anything, is done to apprehend and to deport the foreigners either in situation (A) or (B) or to penalize the Canadians involved in the abuse in (A).

Sponsoring a spouse is a practice which is grossly abused by predators from other countries. According to several oprganizations trying to stop fraudulent marriages, there are literally thousands of Canadian citizens who have been victims of foreigners who, with malice aforethought, have used a Canadian spouse to enter Canada. Subsequently, these people have brought in their real spouses, their own parents, and as many other relatives who qualify for sponsorship. These new arrivals then sponsor others and the process goes on ad infinitum. It is a significant part of the process called “chain migration”.

…………………….the prey are not only naive and innocent Canadians, but also the country itself. It shows that these people do serious emotional injury to the people they prey on, but also that they are a criminal class whose aim is to abuse Canada’s immigration and legal systems as much as possible. Emboldened by how easy it was to get away with abuse of their spouses, these foreigners probably go on to other similar abuse. The extent of that abuse has not yet been uncovered.

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