Illegal Migrants Get Red Carpet Treatment

By Chuck Baldwin

Since George W. Bush became President of the United States in 2001, the number of illegal aliens residing in this country has risen exponentially. An accurate number is impossible to determine, but educated estimates range from 12 million to 30 million.


Democrats see the vast numbers of illegals, most of who have come from Mexico, as potential voters. Republicans, who normally are little more than the paid servants of Corporate America, see hordes of Mexicans as a windfall of cheap labor. As one can easily see, both parties have their own selfish reasons for putting out the welcome mat for illegals.

However, in an attempt to pad their own financial and political coffers, proponents of illegal immigration overlook some very serious and sobering facts. One of those facts is that illegal aliens have a propensity to become repeat criminals.

A recent report in The Washington Times stated, “Criminal aliens set free on the streets of America-instead of being deported after serving their time-are being rearrested as many as six more times by U.S. authorities, according to a government audit . . .”

In fact, the toll on America’s justice system, education system, and health care system is incalculable. In some communities, illegals comprise 30%-50% of those incarcerated. That same number would also apply to those being serviced by the various education and health care institutions.

However, none of this seems to matter to Corporate America. Just recently, Investor’s Business Daily reported, “Word is that Bank of America is adding yet another incentive in the form of a special credit card for illegal immigrants. No Social Security number? No credit history? No problem! Just have a bank account open for three months and don’t bounce any checks during that time and a card is yours.


California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing a plan that would provide free health care to all illegal aliens. Of course, many of the larger cities in America’s Southwest are already providing free education and free health care for illegal aliens. However, this is the first time a governor has proposed providing state wide health care for illegals. But there is more.

“An agreement reached between the Bush administration and the government of Mexico would allow illegal aliens who are granted amnesty to claim credit for the time they worked illegally in the U.S. when applying for Social Security benefits . . .” (Source: Middle American News)

Do you understand what this means, folks? When Bush’s “guest worker” amnesty plan finally takes effect, Social Security benefits would be applied retroactively to include the time that the illegal alien worked here unlawfully.

In addition, “Under the agreement with Mexico, Mexican workers would qualify for [Social Security] benefits with just six quarters-18 months-of earnings, compared to 40 months for U.S. workers.” (Source: Middle American News)

Even a blind person can see what is happening. America is being sold out and betrayed by its very own political and corporate leaders. And we must remember to include the mainstream media in this conspiracy. After all, outside of CNN’s Lou Dobbs, who else have you heard speak out against it? Even most of the leaders of the Religious Right are pathetically mute on this issue.

Does President Bush and Company realize what they are doing by laying out the red carpet for illegal aliens? You bet they do. They are willingly accommodating the globalists who desire to turn these United States into a multi-cultural, hemispheric society without national borders or national allegiance.


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