‘Heretic’ Imprisonment


By Paul Fromm

Germany and much of Europe slides ever backwards into the era of religious fanaticism where the “wrong” religious beliefs could mean dungeon, fire and sword. Today, it’s not Catholic versus Protestant or mainline Protestants versus Dissenters. The new heretics are those who dare to question the new state religion of holocaust. A German court sentenced political prisoner Ernst Zundel to the maximum 5 years in prison for questioning the new religion of Holocaust. Germany is using its six-month presidency to try to export this religious fanaticism to all other European Union members, seeking to make questioning the new religion – the Hollywood version of Jewish suffering in World War II – a crime punishable by imprisonment.

In demanding the maximum sentence, the prosecutor Andreas Grossmann thundered: “We must save Germany from political rat catchers like you!” (Agence France Presse, February 2, 2007)

“That decision was welcomed by Jewish and anti-Nazi groups in Canada and elsewhere. Zundel has been standing trial in Germany since November of last year in what were, at times, raucous proceedings. The initial attempt to try him collapsed last March over a dispute with one of his attorneys, Sylvia Stolz.


Another of Zundel’s five attorneys, Herbert Schaller, told the court that all of its evidence that the Holocaust took place was based only on witness reports, instead of hard facts. (Canadian Press, February 15, 2007)

In letters from prison, Mr. Zundel had been preparing his wife Ingrid Rimland, who lives in Tennessee and runs the Zundelsite, and his supporters for a ruthless sentence as an increasingly frantic Germany State seeks to quell the swell of skepticism and heresy and or indifference about the new state religion. A few weeks ago, the German press was all agog that picnicers were using some of the grotesque impressionistic slabs in a huge Berlin holocaust memorial as an outdoor urinal.


Supporters are awaiting news as to what the sentence means. That may seem a silly question. However, in Canada, Mr. Zundel would almost certainly have been given double the “dead time” – two years less two weeks – that he’d already been in custody. He would be immediately eligible for parole as he’d served more than two thirds of his sentence.

[Despite Zundel’s views or opinions, he is entitled to freedom of speech and thought. Sending dissident people to jail was a common occurrence in Soviet Russia….a sinister practise that some Western Countries (including Canada) have now adopted themselves. A refresher reading course of George Orwell’s book ‘1984’ is paramount because it’s becomining closer to reality every day.]


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