Crime & Race

By Jared Taylor 

For anyone who ever wondered just how much more likely blacks or Hispanics are than whites to commit various crimes, the answers are here.


Blacks are just 13 percent of the [U.S.] population (*) but they commit more than half the muggings and murders in the country. Hispanics commit violent crimes at about three times the white rate.

The proportion of blacks and Hispanics in an area is the single best indicator of how dangerous it is. The racial mix is a much better predictor of crime rates than poverty, unemployment, and dropout rates combined.

Although Jesse Jackson and Bill Cosby wring their hands over black-on-black mayhem, blacks actually commit more violent crime against whites than blacks. A black is about 39 times more likely to do violence to a white than the other way around, and no less than 130 times more likely to rob a white.

And yes, everyone’s suspicions about rape are correct: Every year there are about 15,000 black-on-white rapes but fewer than 900 white-on-black rapes. There are more than 3,000 gang rapes of whites by blacks—but white-on-black gang rapes are so rare they do not even show up in the statistics.

There is plenty more—but just as interesting will be how the Mainstream Media will treat these facts.

Back in 1999, we released an earlier, less detailed version of this report. [PDF] Even before publication, the Associated Press, Time, CBS Evening News, National Public Radio, Knight-Ridder, and the Washington Times wanted copies. A dozen other media organizations, including the Washington Post, attended the press conference with which we launched the report. At the same time, we arranged to have copies delivered to more than 450 news organizations with offices in the Washington, DC area.

The result: complete silence—with one exception. The Washington Times ran a substantial story on the report, in which it interviewed several prominent criminologists who confirmed the accuracy of our numbers but said they were too inflammatory to be discussed publicly. [VDARE.COM note: One other exception: Dr. Walter Williams, in his Creator’s Syndicate column.]

Maybe no other editors thought people are interested in race and crime.

Or maybe they were afraid people are too interested.

Some years back, a group called Violence Free Duluth in Duluth, Minnesota, studied a year’s worth of the city’s gun crimes. They looked into type of gun used, whether liquor or drugs were involved, the relationship between shooter and victim; age, race, and sex of criminal, etc.

But when they released their report they left one thing out: race of perp.


Most whites lose the power of speech when the subject is race, but they can tuck right into a purely factual discussion of crime rates. Everybody—and I mean everybody—knows blacks commit crime way out of proportion to their numbers. People want to know just how way out the proportions are.

Needless to say, some listeners didn’t want to hear that blacks are in jail for robbery at 15 times the white rate. A surprising number of black callers claimed our “racist” white government cooks the statistics. Most white callers said one of two things: either that I was “racist” or that I was brave. (Somehow, no one ever thought I was a brave racist.)

It is a sorry day in America when you are either brave or racist if you dig up and publicize crime data the Department of Justice has been collecting for decades.

The main point of the “racism” accusation was that, even if the numbers were true, publicizing them only encourages other “racists” and feeds stereotypes. This is the Frank Jewell argument: White people can’t be trusted with the facts.

*[According to Statistics Canada 2001 population count, Blacks represent only 2 per cent of our entire population…..and half of them are foreign-born. 

TORONTO’S Black population is about 8 per cent, yet are responsible for violent crimes that are also well beyond their proportional numbers. Before mass immigration from third-world countries began in the 1970s, TORONTO was about 98% White…now reduced to 57 percent!].       See this short video on RAPE.


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