Guelph Importing Multi-Racialism

Local MPP Liz Sandals wants Guelph to become Ontario’s next “immigrant gateway community.”

The Guelph-Wellington MPP had a motion passed in the Ontario legislature yesterday morning recognizing that Guelph should be designated as a gateway city by the provincial Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.


Guelph is one of the more ethnically-diverse communities in Canada when you get outside the Greater Toronto Area.” [This statement is complete nonsense! Guelph’s population is about 90% White. -Editor-]
The city still has to apply to become a gateway community, if it wants the designation, she said.

Sandals said the designation would allow Guelph to be promoted on the Internet by provincial and federal immigration ministries as an attractive place for newcomers from other countries. [See: Racial Diversity – A CON Game

So there’s information about your region and people all over the world have access,” she said. “The only way a community grows now is by attracting new people and in particular, new immigrants.” [See: Immigrant Workers NOT Needed

Statistics Canada numbers show immigrants make up 19.8 per cent of Guelph‘s population. That puts the city in 11th place out of Canadian communities that have a large proportion of immigrants.

[When disingenuous, politically-correct politicians speak of “immigrants” and “multi-culturalism in today’s lexicon….they’re really referring to NON-white immigrants. -Editor-]


Joannie said with the aging baby boomers and a declining birth rate in Ontario, communities that don’t embrace immigration risk becoming ghost towns. [Scare tactics!]

In the next few years, places will have to plan to either grow or shrink,” she said. “No one wants to plan for shrinkage.

“Without immigration, there will be no city per se, or certainly no growth.”

[See: 600,000 “Refugees” Since 1987

Sandals said the province’s strategy is still a pilot project so the government doesn’t yet know how effective it is. She said it was launched last year and so far, Toronto, Windsor, Sudbury, Ottawa and London have been established as gateway communities.

[London? Check this out: More Refugees To Support

Sandals said Guelph would be the first city that isn’t a regional centre to be included. She said the province should focus on shifting its immigration pattern towards medium-sized cities as well as the large centres.

[Sandals should just focus on her local constituents and not try to stampede them into directions that would not be suitable to their interests.]

I don’t think people understand how direct the link is in encouraging immigration into the community and ensuring you have a vibrant community,” she said. “In the overall interests of the whole province, what you need to have is immigrants moving in.”

[With statements like the above, one must ask “just what IS this woman’s overall agenda?” What we DO understand, however, is that this so-called “representative” is more concerned with spreading diversity where it’s not wanted!]

Peter Cartwright, the city’s manager of economic development and tourism services, said the designation and marketing strategy sounds great in principle.

I’m very optimistic,” Cartwright said. “I think that bodes well for trying to increase the labour market and trying to get the right people.”

[See: Labour Shortage MYTH

Canadians Want Jobs, Too!

[Editor’s Note: This story carries all the appropriate political-correct weasel words designed to SELL a “multicultural” (multi-racial) program to the citizens of Guelph whether they want this to happen or not. Has anyone consulted with those city residents who may be opposed to this proposal?

Scare tactics such as ………Joannie said with the aging baby boomers and a declining birth rate in Ontario, communities that don’t embrace immigration risk becoming ghost towns“…….. are rather insulting to one’s intelligence.

How many ex-Toronto residents, now living in Guelph, abandoned* their previous address BECAUSE Toronto became a multi-Racial metropolis that was not suitable to them?  *White Flight!]

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