Caledonia Injustice

 Six Nations protesters stand at the barricade in Caledonia, Ontario 23 May

“The OPP [Ontario Provincial Police] over the last 10 years have slowly changed their policies regarding policing land claim violence. They did this because of the death of Dudley George. Over this period of time they have created very pro-Native units like the ART & MELT teams which ensure that the Native protesters in land claims are treated differently from non-Native people.

It is now built into the OPP system that racial profiling is the way they function. It is not that individual officers are racist but that the policies that these officers function under are racially based.

Therefore, the OPP policies themselves ensure that Two Tier Justice is going to take place.”

Why was Gary McHale at……arrested? 

Short Answer – Wrong race/wrong flag   [White Canadian/Canada’s Flag]
Long Answer – ‘Breach of the Peace’  [intimidation]

Since the Natives put up their flags over a month ago and were not arrested for ‘Breach of the Peace’ then what is the OPP saying?

Clearly it must not be a ‘Breach of the Peace’ for native flags but it is a ‘Breach’ for Canadian Flags. In other words, violence will not break out if there is a native flag but violence will occur if a Canadian Flag is put up.

The OPP claim they have intelligence that show there will be violence if a Canadian Flag goes up. Well, does this intelligence state that a resident will be driving down the road and when he sees a Canadian Flag it will cause him to become violent? – I don’t think so.

Therefore, this intelligence must tell them that when Natives see a Canadian Flag that they will react in a way that causes violence to occur. If so, why don’t the OPP just arrest them for the ‘Breach of Peace’ if it happens or arrest them for any violence they do?

The reason is quite clear – OPP policies will not allow them to step in and arrest the Natives for a ‘Breach of the Peace’ or any criminal act.

Although there have been criminal charges against natives after April 20th, all have been for arrests after the OPP stood by and watched the criminal acts and did nothing. The OPP in every case has never stepped in and arrested the Native while the crime was being committed.

Even in the attempted murder of an OPP officer, OPP officers stood by and watched their fellow officers & US agents being attacked. The charges are issued after the OPP allow the Natives to escape from the crime scene.

So when a Native attempts to murder an OPP officer, no OPP officer will stop him but when a non-native attempts to put up a Canadian Flag we get 100 officers out to stop this serious act of public disorder.”

MSM (main stream media) continue to ignore this important story of the Caledonia insurrection by Natives who have the Ontario gov’t and their political police ‘on the run’ due to the government’s irresponsible dithering in bringing this matter to an end. 

Two Tier Justice is alive and well in the OPP




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