Stamped Passports Called ‘Outrageous’


By Tom Godfrey, Toronto Sun

Ottawa is being accused of “harassing” immigrants who are now required to have their passports stamped on returning from abroad.

Toronto immigrant groups and lawyers said the port stamp, which contains a date, will be used to find out how long immigrants have been outside Canada. If the time abroad exceeds guidelines then the person can have permanent residency revoked or be denied citizenship.

“This is outrageous,” Immigration lawyer Mendel Green said yesterday. “This will mean people will … be harassed on their return home.” Other critics said the policy will lead to lengthy delays at land crossings.  

Of course, with self-righteous indignation immigration lawyer Green-back$ would make this ‘outrageous’ statement that concerns possible future clients.

The tracking policy surfaced two weeks ago after officers at Pearson airport were sent a memo from Ottawa ordering the mandatory stamping of the passports.
Anna Pape, of the Canada Border Services Agency, said the stamping policy has always been in the rule book.

“The stamping of permanent residents’ passports upon entry to Canada is nothing new,” Pape said in a statement. “It ensures the effective delivery of immigration programs.”

She said the dates help officers determine if an immigrant should still be here, since a person has to live in Canada for two of the last five years to remain an immigrant.


Diversity Debate Cancelled Due to Cowardice

Chris Wattie, National Post (Canada), Dec. 22, 2006

A Canadian university yesterday cancelled a debate on racial diversity between the head of its black studies program and a American “racial nationalist,” for fear that the topic would be too controversial.

But the cancellation of the debate has raised concerns about academic freedom, with the executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers arguing that it sends the wrong message to call off the debate at Dalhousie University next month between Professor David Divine and Jared Taylor, of American Renaissance magazine, on the topic of “Racial Diversity: North America’s Strength or Weakness?”

“The way you deal with speech some may find objectionable or even abhorrent is not with silence,” said James Turk. “It’s with more speech—with criticism and debate.


Instead, Professor Divine will deliver a lecture on the topic by himself, the statement said.

Mr. Taylor, who describes himself as a “race realist,” said he was shocked by the university’s about-face on the debate and said it showed “academic cowardice.”

“I’m absolutely astounded by this,” he said in an interview from his Virginia office. “In effect, he’s ejected me from the debate and taken the floor for himself … They’ve turned a debate into a monologue.”

Prof. Divine was not available for comment yesterday and it was not clear who decided to cancel the debate.



Never mind academic freedom alone…how about the ability to engage in ANY public discussion of racial issues without the obligatory “Hate Group” denouncement by the SPLC! How tedious is that riff by now? How can any issue ever be honestly debated when, for all intents and purposes, one side is always considered “right” and the other essentially “wrong” before the contest ever begins?”

Being a former (and reformed) “Canadian psuedo-liberal”, this is no surprise. Free speech is absolutely intolerated in Canada; as such, I reside in the States, never to return to the north. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of admiration for “Canadian values” such as these in the US currently, and seem to be gaining steam. Fortunately, we still have some forums like this here. Lets fight for them.”

“……………The reason why more debate is needed here is because diversity is a political issue. People raise it all the time. There is hardly a major state, city, or county government, or a university or Fortune 500 company that doesn’t have an “Office of Diversity.” The whole validity of this diversity nonsense isn’t even questioned. It has been foisted on Western society (not, note, any other part of the world) as a fait accompli – as something that must be accepted as an absolute good, despite all experience to the contrary. I think it’s fair to say that if a government has a policy on an issue, and is spending money advocating that position, then it’s up for legitimate debate.”

“The way you deal with speech some may find objectionable or even abhorrent is not with silence,” said James Turk. “It’s with more speech — with criticism and debate.”

Why yes, it can also be called civil discourse; we used to learn that in high school or earlier.
A university, of all institutions, doesn’t get it. and they can’t see their own stunning hypocrisy!?

Chinese Man Knocking on Our Backdoor

[Photo: Crowd of Chinese people]

By Tom Godfrey, Toronto Sun

A man who says he left his wife and young son behind in China to escape forced sterilization has won the first round in a bid for refugee status.

[Throughout the entire world, thousands of spouses leave their mates for unknown reasons of their own every day, yet this unknown foreigner who hails from thousands of miles away in a another country tells us his unverified story and…. it is accepted?]

Yong Gang Liang, 35, told an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing he fled to Canada in January, 2005 after being ordered to report for sterilization so his family didn’t break China’s one-child policy.

[This is no reason to accept any supposed refugee’s claim. If one of Canada’s largest trading partners has policies set up to stem their huge population growth, we should accept their decisions or otherwise cut off trade with China.]

Liang “claimed” he was going to be compelled to undergo sterilization because his wife was ill after having a forced abortion in September, 2004 when she was pregnant with their second child.

The couple have an eight-year-old son.


“To avoid his destiny, the applicant fled China and arrived in Canada,” said Mr. Justice Frederick Gibson, of the Federal Court of Canada.

[Canada is a long way to flee when perhaps a nearby Asian country would suffice]

“He told tales of horror: Forced abortion and threats of forced sterilization.”

[Was he falsely imprisoned or threatened with death? Again, not Canada’s problem!]
The case was dismissed by the board and appealed to the federal court.

Liang told the court he and his wife, who remained in China, would like to have a second child, which is illegal under China’s one-child policy.

[Well, make the proper applications to immigrate to another country if you’re not happy with your own country’s policies]


“The claimant’s exclusive premise for making a refugee claim is based primarily on the future possibilities of he and his spouse bearing an additional child,” Liang’s immigration documents state.

[This tale is becoming more ludicrous by the minute]

Liang’s lawyer Mark Rosenblatt refused to comment on the case since it’s still being heard.

Avvy Go, of the Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, said China’s one-child per family policy remains firmly in place.

“This case is not out of the ordinary,” Go said. “We have come across a number of these cases.”

[Hopefully, Canada does not want to set a precedent on another back-door refugee policy that opens the flood-gates that would drown us out in a couple of generations.]

China’s population:  1,300,000,000

Canada’s population:     32,500,000

Guelph Importing Multi-Racialism

Local MPP Liz Sandals wants Guelph to become Ontario’s next “immigrant gateway community.”

The Guelph-Wellington MPP had a motion passed in the Ontario legislature yesterday morning recognizing that Guelph should be designated as a gateway city by the provincial Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.


Guelph is one of the more ethnically-diverse communities in Canada when you get outside the Greater Toronto Area.” [This statement is complete nonsense! Guelph’s population is about 90% White. -Editor-]
The city still has to apply to become a gateway community, if it wants the designation, she said.

Sandals said the designation would allow Guelph to be promoted on the Internet by provincial and federal immigration ministries as an attractive place for newcomers from other countries. [See: Racial Diversity – A CON Game

So there’s information about your region and people all over the world have access,” she said. “The only way a community grows now is by attracting new people and in particular, new immigrants.” [See: Immigrant Workers NOT Needed

Statistics Canada numbers show immigrants make up 19.8 per cent of Guelph‘s population. That puts the city in 11th place out of Canadian communities that have a large proportion of immigrants.

[When disingenuous, politically-correct politicians speak of “immigrants” and “multi-culturalism in today’s lexicon….they’re really referring to NON-white immigrants. -Editor-]


Joannie said with the aging baby boomers and a declining birth rate in Ontario, communities that don’t embrace immigration risk becoming ghost towns. [Scare tactics!]

In the next few years, places will have to plan to either grow or shrink,” she said. “No one wants to plan for shrinkage.

“Without immigration, there will be no city per se, or certainly no growth.”

[See: 600,000 “Refugees” Since 1987

Sandals said the province’s strategy is still a pilot project so the government doesn’t yet know how effective it is. She said it was launched last year and so far, Toronto, Windsor, Sudbury, Ottawa and London have been established as gateway communities.

[London? Check this out: More Refugees To Support

Sandals said Guelph would be the first city that isn’t a regional centre to be included. She said the province should focus on shifting its immigration pattern towards medium-sized cities as well as the large centres.

[Sandals should just focus on her local constituents and not try to stampede them into directions that would not be suitable to their interests.]

I don’t think people understand how direct the link is in encouraging immigration into the community and ensuring you have a vibrant community,” she said. “In the overall interests of the whole province, what you need to have is immigrants moving in.”

[With statements like the above, one must ask “just what IS this woman’s overall agenda?” What we DO understand, however, is that this so-called “representative” is more concerned with spreading diversity where it’s not wanted!]

Peter Cartwright, the city’s manager of economic development and tourism services, said the designation and marketing strategy sounds great in principle.

I’m very optimistic,” Cartwright said. “I think that bodes well for trying to increase the labour market and trying to get the right people.”

[See: Labour Shortage MYTH

Canadians Want Jobs, Too!

[Editor’s Note: This story carries all the appropriate political-correct weasel words designed to SELL a “multicultural” (multi-racial) program to the citizens of Guelph whether they want this to happen or not. Has anyone consulted with those city residents who may be opposed to this proposal?

Scare tactics such as ………Joannie said with the aging baby boomers and a declining birth rate in Ontario, communities that don’t embrace immigration risk becoming ghost towns“…….. are rather insulting to one’s intelligence.

How many ex-Toronto residents, now living in Guelph, abandoned* their previous address BECAUSE Toronto became a multi-Racial metropolis that was not suitable to them?  *White Flight!]

Update June, 2015:


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Is Burlington TOO White?

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“Institutional Racism” In Britain

Caledonia Injustice

 Six Nations protesters stand at the barricade in Caledonia, Ontario 23 May

“The OPP [Ontario Provincial Police] over the last 10 years have slowly changed their policies regarding policing land claim violence. They did this because of the death of Dudley George. Over this period of time they have created very pro-Native units like the ART & MELT teams which ensure that the Native protesters in land claims are treated differently from non-Native people.

It is now built into the OPP system that racial profiling is the way they function. It is not that individual officers are racist but that the policies that these officers function under are racially based.

Therefore, the OPP policies themselves ensure that Two Tier Justice is going to take place.”

Why was Gary McHale at……arrested? 

Short Answer – Wrong race/wrong flag   [White Canadian/Canada’s Flag]
Long Answer – ‘Breach of the Peace’  [intimidation]

Since the Natives put up their flags over a month ago and were not arrested for ‘Breach of the Peace’ then what is the OPP saying?

Clearly it must not be a ‘Breach of the Peace’ for native flags but it is a ‘Breach’ for Canadian Flags. In other words, violence will not break out if there is a native flag but violence will occur if a Canadian Flag is put up.

The OPP claim they have intelligence that show there will be violence if a Canadian Flag goes up. Well, does this intelligence state that a resident will be driving down the road and when he sees a Canadian Flag it will cause him to become violent? – I don’t think so.

Therefore, this intelligence must tell them that when Natives see a Canadian Flag that they will react in a way that causes violence to occur. If so, why don’t the OPP just arrest them for the ‘Breach of Peace’ if it happens or arrest them for any violence they do?

The reason is quite clear – OPP policies will not allow them to step in and arrest the Natives for a ‘Breach of the Peace’ or any criminal act.

Although there have been criminal charges against natives after April 20th, all have been for arrests after the OPP stood by and watched the criminal acts and did nothing. The OPP in every case has never stepped in and arrested the Native while the crime was being committed.

Even in the attempted murder of an OPP officer, OPP officers stood by and watched their fellow officers & US agents being attacked. The charges are issued after the OPP allow the Natives to escape from the crime scene.

So when a Native attempts to murder an OPP officer, no OPP officer will stop him but when a non-native attempts to put up a Canadian Flag we get 100 officers out to stop this serious act of public disorder.”

MSM (main stream media) continue to ignore this important story of the Caledonia insurrection by Natives who have the Ontario gov’t and their political police ‘on the run’ due to the government’s irresponsible dithering in bringing this matter to an end. 

Two Tier Justice is alive and well in the OPP



Failed Refugee Wants to Return

Cairo, Egypt

Kathy Tomlinson, CTV News

He’s a Christian from Egypt, who came to Canada in 2002 seeking asylum. He made a refugee claim, alleging he was persecuted in his home country, for promoting Christianity in his bookstore.

The Immigration and Refugee Board didn’t believe he was telling the truth. Neither did the federal court. In September, after he exhausted all appeals, Canada deported him back to Egypt — a country where Christians make up 10 per cent of the predominantly Muslim population.

CTV News has now obtained photographs and videotape, allegedly of the same man, which show fresh injuries on his back. They appear to be burns and welts, which he claims were inflicted by Egyptian authorities. He alleges that, since he was sent back, two security officers from Egypt’s State Security Investigations (SSI) have detained, interrogated and threatened him several times. He also claims he was shocked with electricity, doused with water and beaten.

If this unsubstantiated story were true, why doesn’t this Egyptian citizen move to another city in his own country. If that doesn’t work out for him, surely there are other countries in his nearby region where he can travel. What exactly is his attraction to Canada that this foreigner takes great pains (pun intended) to attract international attention for his desire to return to here as a failed/deported refugee?


Audio Tape: I feel very afraid. Very afraid. Save me please. They tortured me. They tortured me a lot all over my back,” the man on the tape said. “They told me, we decorated your back like your Jesus. All my body was shaking. I could not control myself.”

“They were laughing. They were laughing. Let your Jesus come to save you.” The man broke down in tears. “Please, I beg you, I beg you save me, save me. Save my life.”

This unknown tape sounds all rather melodramatic. Will our ‘now feeling guilty’ and gullible Canadian immigration authorities fall for his game? Of course, they will.


The man’s supporters want to get him out of Egypt as soon as possible, with or without Ottawa’s help. Desloges hopes he can get back to Canada and make another refugee claim, this time with evidence.

Try Britain…it’s closer to Egypt.

Read the entire sob story here, if you must.