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Jolly`Ole England – 90 Years Ago!

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Canadians First, Eh?

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OLD People Make Me Sick

War Against Our White Race

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WORLD’s Smallest Racial Minority – 8%

The Way We Were

(1967) City of Toronto, Yorkville Street

CANADA was almost a (97%) White Ethno-state … even when the U.S.A. was 88-89% White in its European halcyon days of 1920s -1950s, there was still the Black belt, a smattering of Asians on the U.S. west coast, and Mestizos in the desert South-west.

Canada had a few thousand blacks, a few thousand Asians and some Eskimos (Native Indians).

Population Census returns for US vs Canada, White %.
USA 1940 / Canada 1941: 88.3% / 97.8%
USA 1950 / Canada 1951: 87.5% / 96.9%
USA 1960 / Canada 1961: 85.4% / 96.8%
USA 1970 / Canada 1971: 83.5% / 96.3%
USA 1980 / Canada 1981: 79.6% / 93.8%
USA 1990 / Canada 1991: 75.6% / 87.8%
USA 2000 / Canada 2001: 69.1% / 83.3%
USA 2010 / Canada 2011: 63.7% / 76.7%
USA *2016 / Canada 2016: 61.1% / 72.9%

h/t Roger Cliftonville-Acton (HERE)

PHOTOS of White U.S.A. … in the 1950s:

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(2018) City of Toronto, Danforth Ave.

[World Cup 2018] Europe’s National Teams by Racial Ancestry

Hail To You

Inspired by comments made on the Steve Sailer blog on the World Cup in June 2018

The World Cup, Europe’s National Teams, & the Race Question

Europe was given 14 slots in the 32-team FIFA World Cup in (mid-June to mid-July) 2018. The 23-man rosters (squads) were announced in early June.

As many have noticed, some of Europe’s national teams are more “national” than others.

I’ve taken a quite detailed looked at the ethnocultural origins for all the players on all fourteen of Europe’s national teams (322 players). From material available online. Ethno-cultural analysis for players is, in some cases, just one line and in others up to hundreds of words for exceptionally exotic cases. Each country’s racial-political situation is briefly commented upon in each post’s Analysis section and how it relate to that country’s team’s racial makeup. (France is the stand-out, with its majority-Black team; full-Whites are one-quarter of…

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Solution To MultiRacial Societies: Separation/Segregation/Apartheid/

M.A.G.A. [Make America Great Again]
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Bonus Video from Red Ice TV

Memory Lane: Overload the American Welfare System and Bring on the Revolution

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

It has been ten years since I wrote the post below at Refugee Resettlement Watch and it occurs to me that there may be some of you scratching your heads and wondering why anyone would want to open our borders and welcome in hordes of impoverished people and put them on taxpayer-funded welfare.

And, you might be wondering why the reaction to the Trump Administration’s very sensible plan to block welfare use for non-citizens announced this past week,see here, is causing Leftwingers heads to explode.

heads explode Progressives react to Trump welfare restrictions.

The strategy was once well-known to hardcore Socialists/Communists (aka Progressives) as the Cloward-Piven strategy, but I suspect following generations of young do-gooders and average Americans who have simply been busy working and raising families have no idea that importing poverty is a political strategy.

If you know all about Cloward and Piven, you won’t find…

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Infamous Roxham Rd. Still Open To Lying, Foreign Welfare Bandits

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That’s only the processing co$t for each unwanted foreign invader.

Immediately after gaining illegal entry into Canada, some serious money falls into the hands of these lying, cheating foreigners
masquerading as “refugees“.

 “REWARDING all these TENS of thousands of uninvited FOREIGNERS with our FREE welfare money, our FREE hospitalization, FREE apartments seems counter-productive … but, welcome to Canada, eh?”

Destitute Canadian-born citizens with “White privileges” sleep on cold, mid-winter sidewalks in Toronto below.

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