Reinstating Our Tribe


From Eye of Woden

A friend of mine made the following comment as part of a discussion over at the Englisc Gateway forum, and it’s so good … I just had to Blog it here. The discussion surrounds the formation of new political and protest groups. By Aelfred Seax:

Names, groups or amalgamations do NOT unite people … extraordinary circumstances do.

It does seem to be the same old faces creating new clubs, and relying on their pals from the last one to be their support. What they seem to be missing … is these ‘groups’ don’t bring people together in unity, not real unity anyway. I believe the reason that these groups don’t work, is because they are built on a negative. The whole focus of these groups are the negative affects on our people, highlighted time after time after time, which plays with the psyche –

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Prepare To Be “Offended”

Hateful, conniving lib’leftists 
have deemed that “this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences”.
… just CLICK the “wish to proceed button and be “offended”.

Toronto Mayoralty Campaign Is Rigged Against Faith Goldy

Toronto Mayoralty Candidate FAITH GOLDY  and her team are thwarted at every turn in their strenuous efforts to gain ANY publicity in the City of Toronto’s corrupt political system. Despite polling 3rd place (perhaps 2nd place now) she is consistently refused a debating position with the current mayor (John Tory) and the other mayoralty candidates. The controlled mainstream media are determined to NOT mention her name in any news story surrounding this political campaign. Any publicity surrounding her efforts of becoming Toronto’s next mayor is apparently forbidden. Ms. GOLDY is also denied the opportunity to even launch a lawsuit against a media outlet after they refused to run paid advertisements, despite having received the cheque in the mail.


Pakistani Foreigner Claims Job Preference Over Canadians


From Immigration Watch Canada


[…] On most days of the week, Imperial Oilwon’t win much sympathy from Canadians. But even they will get some points for having to put up with a complaint made about them to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Muhammad Taimoor Haseeb — a Pakistani citizen who came (to Canada) as an International (foreign) Student — is claiming that Imperial Oil company denied him a job because he was neither a Canadian Citizen, nor a Permanent Resident.

In other words, Haseeb is claiming that Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents should have no right to be considered firstfor any job in Canada.  And … he would probably add … a century plus of such first consideration has been completely unjustified, and should be abolished.

According to The Toronto Star, the Pakistani man said,


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Canadian Cities Losing To “Diversity”


Changing Canada

Toronto Bus Stop – 2016
Canadian Cities as “Hubs of Diversity“:
Part II

(Native Indians NOT included, so add another 5% to above graph. Canada’s White population now LESS than 72% for 2018.)
by Ricardo Duchesne
 […] ALL our European nations are being redefined as “immigrant nations” in order to persuade their founding inhabitants that they must be continuously open to the immigrants that define them. The very values that created our modern political culture, democracy, liberal rights, free speech, fairness … are being manipulated, radically altered in their meaning, to suit the objectives of this program.
 […] There is nothing in our concept of individual rights that implies that immigrants have a “right” to come to our lands. There is nothing in our concept of democracy that implies that our nations must be populated by majorities of immigrants, There is nothing in the history…

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Vote Faith Goldy For Toronto Mayor

This popular 3rd place Toronto mayoralty candidate receives NO media coverage and is NOT invited to debate the issues with her two primary opponents, so it’s incumbent on ALL of us through alternative media to “get the word out” by every possible means of approach. Use the email button at the bottom to inform friends and family.

Only In “New” Canada, Eh?

Crossing guard incident
Crossing guard, 70 yrs.  slaps cop’s private car he says was driving dangerously through crosswalk near a Markham, Ontario  school. (Photo – Sana Zain Kamani)

Off-duty Toronto cop named RHOEL ONG and Crossing-guard Mohammed HAMEED aged 70 yrs. were involved in a physical altercation after a dispute at a school crossing in Markham, Ontario which is just north of Toronto. In the above photo, Hameed is being “detained” by Ong until the arrival of York Regional Police.  >Full Article 

“I’m a police officer, and you’re (just) a crossing guard”

Joys of Diversity
NOTE the players in this insignificant story — the crossing guard, the cop, the TV journalist, the two attending York cops, the protesting witnesses, the Toronto police chief …  are ALL NONwhite, and most are FOREIGN-born!

Welcome to Canada!
Changing Canada
Transforming us into a NON-white, 3rd World Country!




“White Guilt” Is NOT Necessary

4 minutes


 By Sarah, Maid of Albion

One of the many weapons our opponents use against us, and also against others of European ancestry, is often termed historical “white guilt”. Those who hate us often point accusingly to our Empire, and to our involvement in the transatlantic slave trade with the implication that we, particularly the British and European Americans, are uniquely guilty of crimes against other races. They believe that — by making us feel guilty about our past — we will be less inclined to object to what is done to us on behalf of our alleged victims.

However, as in so many areas, the truth does not suit their agenda, so they resort to their favoured tactic, and lie with the ease and practiced familiarity of an ageing harlot unzipping her client’s pants.

In our schools and on our television screens, they teach an entirely false…

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