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ONE Thousand Years of hard-won evolving
traditions and national heritages are in imminent danger of unraveling.
Defend them NOW … or permanently lose your nation-state inheritances.

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World Races – By The Numbers

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WORLD Population is 7,705,000,000 (Billion) and by racial category seen below are BLACK, YELLOW, BROWN peoples, then WHITE – Note the world’s 8 percent MINORITY race at Bottom/Right.

To illustrate this scenario in your mind … imagine four WHITE male/female couples representing the 8% minority race leaning against each wall inside a small square room. Fill that room to capacity with 92 people of all other races (representing 92%).  The four White couples placed against their respective walls are now vastly outnumbered and invisible to each other due to the center mass of humanity.
Yet, it’s White nations, and ONLY White Euro nations that welcome “multiculturalism” and the “joys of diversity”.


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World’s SMALLEST Racial Minority at 8 Percent!

Down To 8%, But Worth Saving

BB 4They died for diversity

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Feds Provide Training for In-Home Day Care for Refugees

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

That headline is not exactly correct!  You, the American taxpayers, pay for Day Care training so refugees who have been in the country for less than five years can have “culturally appropriate” child care, and get paid to stay home with their own kids and a few others.

Daycare+pic Congolese women in Iowa get federally-funded training to take care of their kids at home.

I’ve written about this grant program provided by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlementover the years (see one 2015 storyat RRW), but a story from Iowa (hat tip: Joanne) reminds me I should tell new readers about it especially in light of news I’ve posted here since January about how just this type of taxpayer-funded day care leads to fraud.

In one case, the day care provider paid other families to pretend to drop off kids and then the provider submitted for payment an…

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More Mass Media Manipulation


Queen Guinevere's maying, by John Collier, 1900Queen Guinevere

By Vanishing American

[…] For years…. I’ve read hand-wringing stories in the mainstream media about how Blacks feel excluded and marginalized by the lack (as they perceive it) of Black faces in advertising, movies, and TV shows.

The clamor began years ago for more blacks in the media and in all walks of life: we were told repeatedly, that black kids learn better when taught by people who look like them,’  and that was considered normal and healthy.

Somehow, though, for Whites to prefer those like themselves, it is ‘troubling.’

Troubling for whom, and why? The liberalsalways act as though their opinions and biases are incontestable facts, while the opinions of White people generally are biased and invalid.

Personally, I don’t consume movies of recent vintage; if I watch movies at all, I prefer movies from the pre-PC era, as do others I…

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