CANADA: No Country For WHITE Men


 “Surrender, Whitey … This is OUR country now!”

Lying Press on

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The “Browning” Trend Continues
Renu Mandhane

CHIEF Commissioner of the ONTARIO HumanRightsCommissionRenuMandhane.

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“Useful Idiots“

People Prefer Their OWN Race

8 minutes


…a REMINDER of 97% Majority WHITE CANADAin1967 (just 72% White in 2018)

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White-Guilt Brainwashing


By Joe Guzzardi

Last week, I wrote that State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell angered Lodi Unified School District teachers with his unsubstantiated charge that their inherent racism is a leading cause in the scholastic achievement gap between White students and their black and Latino peers.

Teachers, according to O’Connell, are less responsive to the needs of minority students than they are to those of whites.

I received dozens of unsolicited e-mails from teachers—one from Australia—objecting to O’Connell’s theory. Some suggested that O’Connell’s perspective is, in and of itself, “racist”.

Many instructors reminded me that they have taught dozens of years in low-income, Title One schools giving equal effort to all their students regardless of their skin color.

O’Connell’s allegations came shortly after a viewing by many school district and other California teachers of a video that strongly infers that teachers’ “racism” is destroying, not only…

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Swedish Media Soft On Immigrants


The citadel of Landskrona Landskrona, SWEDEN

Cavatus’ Blog

SWEDEN has had the year’s first national trauma.

On 31 March an elderlySwedish couple were about to park their car outside a supermarket in Landskrona, a town in the south-west of Sweden.

They found a parking space for disabled persons, but it was occupied by a young man in his twenties. The older man honked his horn to alert the young man to move.

The younger man, who was later identified to be foreign-born Ahmad Akileh from Lebanon, became offended and thus began to quarrel.

The much younger assailant who was born in 1986,  threw the 72 yr. old Swedish manonto the hood of his car andbrutally punched him.

His 78 yr. old wife went to help her husband. She was also assaulted, and was punched hard enough to knock her to the ground where she…

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Media Suppress Facts on Crime


By Mister Fox
Changing Reality

Two surprising articles about race and the First World recently appeared in the world’s media: the first in Britain and the other in Russia. Both revealed startling truths which are worth considering in detail.

In Britain, Rod Liddle wrote the wrong thing on his Spectator blog about two black youths who conspired to push a pregnant woman into a canal as part of a failed murder plot:

The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. In return for all this crime, the black community has given Britain ‘rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures which were once alien to us’.
For which, many thanks

The Thought Police immediately stepped in to suppress this…

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